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Monkey Link Fender Set Front and Rear, MTB 26-29
The 2K mudguard has a new and innovative magnetic attachment. This magnetic attachment makes the mounting and removal of the mudguard childwork. The integrated rear light on the rear mudguard ensures that you are also visible even in dark surroundings. You can use the mudguard with standard mountainbike tyres and mountainbike plus tyres. The fact that the front wheel mudguard can be variably adjusted enables you to use it for all frame geometries.
Monkey Link LED Light Set 180 Luman Connect
$139.99 - $169.99
MonkeyLink makes the connection between the bike and the add-on component almost automatically – magnetic, fast, simply intuitive. The lighting components on the ebike are powered by the battery and can be controlled at the display. A sporty emountain bike is transformed into a bike that can be put to everyday use for example, with a click. Magnetically connected to the BlueDock and locked in position using the intuitive locking system, lighting components provide for safety in road traffic. An accidental detachment when on the road is impossible.
Monkey Link MonkeyBottle
$28.99 - $45.99
The MonkeyBottle has been so designed that the cyclist can attach the water bottle to the bike and remove it again much easier. Thanks to the minimalistic design, it is possible to mount the bracket on any of the bike tubes and it is also suitable for mounting on even the smallest bike frame. its well thought-out design results in the standard bottle holders no longer being necessary, these being complicated and requiring a large amount of space. The cyclist only needs space for the bottle. Easy to use and easy to mount. The cap of this bottle is based on a globally unique technology. Strong magnets make closing it easy and a stable lock-in mechanism ensures a permanently high clamping force.
Bulls Sturmvogel EVO Street
$3,899.99 $3,999.99 3% Savings
A Classic Bike, With an Electric Twist The Sturmvogel has very impressive stats when taken a close look at. This fully rigid eBike has a charge time that goes from 0-100% in approximately 5 hours. It’s an aluminum hybrid is that’s ideal for anyone trying to make their commute faster or just relax and enjoy recreational riding. The drive unit behind the Sturmvogel EVO Street is a 37V, 650 watt-hour battery in conjunction with Brose’s 250W motor. The range of performance it offers is more than 115 miles on one charge, depending on riding style, load and terrain. This multi-function hybrid offers an internal 8-speed hub from Shimano Alfine, keeping maintenance low and giving a clean look. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are equipped to ensure a responsive braking when needed, as the bike can assist you reach fast speeds quickly. With one of the highest-performing rechargeable batteries on the market, the battery is perfectly integrated into the frame yet easy to remove for external charging. The motor is a mid-engine design, so it is concealed in the bottom bracket shell for an ideal center of gravity. The Sturmvogel is the ultimate eBike with 3 modes ranging from Eco, Tour and Sport to accommodate any riding style choose to pedal. Check out a Sturmvogel EVO Street at LoneStar eBikes!
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