AMAZING BIKE!  AMAZING PRICE!  Fast shipping and I placed the order on a SUNDAY!  Awesome job!

Bryan B 

Haibike SDURO Urban Plus

June 5, 2018

The BEST experience my husband and I have ever had in a bike shop. We’ve been riding bicycles all our lives. I was skeptical about e bikes until I rode one!! The staff proved to be friendly, informative, and helpful. We now own an I Zip e bike and it’s the best investment we could have made. I can’t wait to ride with them when weather gets warmer.

Eileen Wilson Harper
29 December 2017

Outstanding trip around town and super easy sweat free ride. Highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to tour the town in grand fashion. Excellent history info along the way ??

Clay B

We won an e bike from the Salado Lions Club that LoneStar e bikes donated. My new favorite bike shop for more reasons than the win! Friendly, informative staff that allow you to experience e bikes at a reasonable price. We liked riding the e bikes so much that LoneStar worked with us until we found the bike that fit us best and upgraded to an I Zip e bike. We're riding so much more with an e bike (even in the cold), and still get a good workout. LoneStar is very involved in the community such as rehabilitation of old donated bikes and giving them back to children and adults in need. You won't find better staff, e bikes or service anywhere in Texas! You won't be disappointed whether renting or looking to purchase an e bike!

30 December 2017

A wonderful shop with amazing bikes and supplies!! Knowledgeable and VERY kind- hearted owners!!!!

Judy Sears
16 January 2018

We were treated so kindly here, and the ride was just gorgeous! Salado is a beautiful town made better by great people! Thank you all very much!

Orlando Ray Torres
9 September 2017

Thank you for spending time with us to ensure we were all set for a good ride ... we all had so much fun!

Kristin Guerra Southerden
6 August 2017

I absolutely loved this company! They were so humble about everything and showed us how to work the bikes! What a wonderful price for a hot day! The bikes were absolutely fun to ride and we will definitely be back to ride again!

Ashley Christine Shafer
07 July 2017

wow, what a great addition to the Scene in Salado
a new vendor in the Village and serving a great previously un-met need...the bikes promise great fun and low pollution..I am still hunting the location of their action photo in Salado...must be on College Hill...will check it out this afternoon!!!

Texas Traveler
11 August 2017

This place is downright cool. They rent you bikes and there is a bike trail on the side of the road of Main Street right outside the door. It's not that expensive, and it's a good time. Great idea for a date if you're looking for ideas. Highly recommend!

Mike S
5 November 2017

I have had an interest in ebikes for quite some time now, so when my wife and I visited Salado this last wknd., we decided to rent a couple of bikes for some site seeing. Jay Ford and his staff were very informative and helpful to our needs. This is the best bike shop that I have visited in a long time and I would highly recommend a visit, you wont be disappointed.

6 November 2017

We had no idea how fun Ebikes are and they are hands down the best way to see and experience Salado! Riding around effortlessly and going to all the shops and wineries was a blast. Renting from them is a must! They were so nice and give you everything you need.

Sabrina Ring

We had such a great day riding around and seeing what Salado had to offer. The owners were so nice and too kind!! If you are looking for an ebike, LoneStar are your guys!

Sara O'Neill
7 July 2017

WOW, this place is a must when visiting Salado. This is my first review ever and it's because I was totally amazed at the wonderful customer service of this establishment. I will be singing the praises of this place to everyone I know, not to mention my teenaged kids loved the bikes!! Can't say enough about this place and I will defiantly be back soon!!!!

Carol R
6 January 2018

Great people, Great Product, Great Fun
LoneStar eBikes is a electric bike company that not only sells eBikes, but offers rentals and tours. They have a wide variety of bikes and gear. Salado is a great shopping destination and is pedestrian; however, is spread out. Parking can be a pain; therefore, renting an eBike and riding up and down main street was a great alternative to get in a car and looking for parking at each shop. They have ebikes with baskets for all your merchandise and even offer a trike. BE WARNED, once you ride an eBike you will buy an eBike...They are great exercise but are not hard on your body because of the electric motor (you still pedal) and make you feel like a kid again. The shop offers snacks, drinks, jewelry and all things ebike related. The owners are extremely nice and will answer all your questions and let you test ride the right bike for you.

13 July 2017

My family came to Lonestar E-bikes for something different to do for my birthday. We are NOT avid bicyclists by any means, so the idea of an electric bike sounded like the perfect solution for actually being able to pedal up the hills!

After thorough instruction on how to use the bikes, we set out on a self-guided two hour ride around Salado. It was such a GREAT time exploring the revitalized village of Salado. Beautiful restored homes, historical sites, parks, rivers, trails and the many cutesy little shops that I'll have to come back to visit with my girlfriends. Seriously...what fun it would be to gather your girlfriends, rent bikes, ride around the village and stop to shop to your hearts desire? An added bonus is that your legs will NOT be tired from pedaling a bicycle so you can walk around and shop even longer!

Aside from the fun on the bikes, the best thing about Lonestar is the family who owns it! They treat you like you're one of them. They truly want you to have the best time and get the most out of your ride. Jay spent at least 10 minutes showing us the map and pointing out places to stop and things to see. When I got back from the ride, my hands were cold. Nancy took my hands in hers and warmed them up! She even took my daughter aside and let her pick out a special surprise gift from their shop for my birthday!

Do you have a broken bike sitting in the garage? Bring it to them or arrange a gathering of several broken bikes from your friends and they'll come pick them up, no matter what kind of bike it is. They will then refurbish the bikes and GIVE them to the needy. They recently gave a bunch of bikes (16?) to a local foster care agency. These are the kind of people you want to support by giving them your business!

If you haven't gotten the gist of this review, here it is in a nutshell: GO! You will NOT be disappointed!

L. Cline

I was amazed, when I first entered this shop! They go beyond, are professional and very appreciative of customer loyality! These people know their product! They also carry top-of-the-line products, at a fair price. What more can today's cyclists ask for?

Bruce Raymond

Very helpful people. Great service. Would Recommend everyone stop by for a visit and tryout these bikes.

Juanita Duel
9 September 2017

This business is just what Salado needs!  The owners are very knowledgable and will spend as much time as you need to answer questions.  They were anxious for me to get the right eBike and picked out some great bikes for me to try, and encouraged me to take extended test rides without being high pressure to buy. That was refreshing!
The eBike tours are a fantastic idea since Salado has so much to offer.

17 July 2017

Charming and good hearted staff. They do good work and benefit a lot of people by encouraging exercise

Edward A Moore