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No matter the adventure you want to go on, IZIP has an electric bike that will amplify your ride so you can travel further and faster. Whether you’re looking to explore endless miles of unknown dirt roads and trails, change your commute to work by skipping the car ride in favor of your city’s bike paths, or desire spending your weekend cruising along the coast in comfort, IZIP Electric Bikes will enable and inspire.

All of our IZIP electric bikes are designed and built from the ground up with fully integrated electronics and are purpose built to be electrified. We feature the most current technologies using premium drive systems, selected individually for function-specific performance for every type of riding. Pedal activated drive systems by Bosch, Brose, Shimano and TranzX, which engage only when you pedal, mean our bikes look and perform like regular bicycles, with extra assistance just when you want it. It also means they’re quick, predictable, easy to control and can be ridden almost everywhere.

IZIP is included in a family of brands that is part of the world’s largest electric bike supplier, Accell Group, which means you can count on quality, reliability and value. And it’s easy to find a bike dealer whenever you need service or have questions about your electric bike.

You can choose the perfect electric bike by ordering online from our full assortment of models and styles

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iZip eMTB's

The Trail lineup by IZIP Electric Bikes was inspired by California’s many mountain ranges. Created to amplify your off-road adventures, these trail-ready ebikes will empower you to ride further, faster, and longer. 

Explore the miles of dirt roads and trails all over the United States, and enjoy the perfect blend of the feel of a traditional mountain bike, with the added power boost of electric-assist.

From the full suspension IZIP E3 Peak DS, to the fat-bike fun of the E3 SUMO, and the front suspension powerhouse E3 Peak+, we have the right trail electric bike or mountain machine for you.

FREE SHIPPING, Testing & Pre-assembly: Take advantage of free shipping, testing and assembly at our eBike.  You receive all the love and attention that an in store customer receives @ LoneStar eBikes.

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Why iZip

Electric bicycles make cycling more accessible to the millions of people that, for a multitude of very good reasons, find it impractical, or find themselves unable to ride a traditional bicycle (or as we call them, acoustic bikes). Many of us would love to get out and ride or simply just ride more frequently, but are challenged for a host of different reasons.

Ugh, those hills! - I’d love to ride but the terrain makes it too difficult.

Physical challenges – Fitness level or aging has taken its toll.

Kids and cargo – Carrying heavy loads makes cycling impractical.

The hot and humid climate – I just can’t show up to work drenched in sweat.

Electric bikes eliminate these objections and many more. They provide you newfound freedom and are just incredibly fun to ride!


IZIP electric bikes turn everyday biking into a viable transportation alternative, and in doing so offer a practical solution to our over-reliance on the automobile. Let’s face it; if you live in a big city and drive your car or are a transit user, you know the frustrations of our congested infrastructure. By transforming car and transit trips into electric bike trips, you will benefit from becoming physically and mentally healthier and will be giving back by helping reduce road congestion, freeing up transit capacity, and improving air quality and our environment.

iZip Provides it all


IZIP electric bikes enable you to experience the simple pleasures of bicycling, getting outdoors and being active again. Your health and fitness will improve with each and every ride. Something special happens as you get on a IZIP for the first time. Start pedaling and as the smooth, pedal-assist kicks in, you find yourself transformed. With super-human power, intuitively and in perfect harmony with your pedal stroke, an irresistible smile suddenly appears on your face and you feel like a kid again.


IZIP electric bikes offer true ePerformance in our models that are designed for speeding up or extending your ride. In addition, IZIP offers a range of eMountain and trail bikes that can transport you to fantastic places to ride beyond your wildest imagination. You can get an amazing workout if you want, covering three or four times the distance when compared to an acoustic mountain bike. These amazing electric bikes can level the playing field too, by enabling riders of all ability levels to keep up with each other for a true fun, family and fitness experience. Take one for a ride and you will be amazed by the possibilities.


If you have ever attempted to carry heavy loads on a bike, you know just how difficult that can be. What you don’t know is how practical a bike can become with a little electric assist. At IZIP electric bikes, we offer some fantastic utility models that make electric biking a car alternative. Our eTrike is the perfect car replacement for those that prefer a stable ride and want the option to carry groceries or other heavy loads. IZIP has partnered with the very best cargo bike company in the U.S, Yuba Bicycles, to create the Spicey Curry long-tail cargo electric bike. These amazing machines are not only a replacement for a car; they can actually replace a mini-van!