Easy Motion eBikes

EasyMotion eBikes

For over a century BH has been a synonym for bicycles and the love of cycling.  BH has stirred the passion for cycling in children, weekend warriors, commuters and legendary cyclists alike. BH continues to innovate and set new industry standards in technology developed in the EVO and ATOM line of leading eBikes for the city and the trail using the EasyMotion name.

Easy Motion USA, is an award winning eBike company that offers the latest in pedal assist technology. Easy Motion USA offers a wide range of models that offer incredible value and performance. We have quickly become a leading eBike brand by consistently bringing bikes to the market that offer the latest technologies and set the bar for reliability and performance.

As a whole, the entire range of Easy Motion models address the needs of riders from leisure to sport; trail to tarmac. Since the beginning, BH has focused on building bikes that maximize a rider’s potential. It is this approach that has become the base on which our 100+ year legacy has been built on. It’s the foundation we continue to build on for the next 100 years…