Bulls Electric Story

The new freedom of eBiking!

Pure nature with the power of the “silent reserve”

Traffic jam, driving and hunting for parking often makes it even more stressful for your already stressful life. eBike has evolved into the fastest way to get you from A to B in everyday use. It is not only transportation. It can be fun too. It helps you get farther and higher, to the places where you cannot go normally by foot or by bicycles. With the “silent reserve” from the power outlet, a new generation is conquering the space away from asphalt – discovering the new feel of freedom and confidence from the saddle.

For years, BULLS has been combining the state-of the-art drive technology and know-how from our professional cyclist and engineers. This resulted in a form of sport mobility that combines power, dynamics, great stamina and sensitivity. With eBikes, either full suspension or hardtail, anyone looking for off-road action will find it even easier now.

BULLS is more than a exclusive bicycle and eBIKE manufacturer. We strive on setting new industry standards thanks to the hard work of both our development team and feedback from our experienced racers. All of our bikes are engineered, designed, and tested at our headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

BULLS has been in the eBike market since 2010, mainly in the continental Europe. Since the early stages, partnering in the development and production of eBike systems with top premium suppliers, gave BULLS a key advantage in developing the most innovative systems, far ahead of the competition.

Today, BULLS is the best example of a brand that has an eBike for every need, offering the greatest mix of eBike models and drive systems in different disciplines from eMTBs to eCross to eUrban to eFat bikes.

BULLS eBikes have proven a great success and we want to share this new fun sport and lifestyle that has changed the way people use transportation in many countries in Europe.

Go faster, farther and higher while having more fun!


BULLS was created in 1997 by its parent company: the German “Zweirad Experten Gruppe” better known as ZEG, which is the world’s biggest dealer cooperative in the bike business. In 2006, BULLS hired a well-known bicycle engineer who had the idea to create a bicycle that could compete in the toughest world races in MTB. The Copperhead 3 was born.

In 2007 riders Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm ran together for the first Team BULLS, winning the famous Cape Epic and becoming the most successful mountain bike duo in marathons and stage races in the world. Since its inception, nothing has really changed. The people behind BULLS still believe in what was important back in 1997: Building the best bicycles for our customers.

Why eBike?

WHY eBIKE? eBIKE is not just a bicycle. It is a new way of living, a new way of moving, and a new way of having fun. Whether you’re an advanced cyclist, a weekend warrior who enjoys the occasional ride or someone brand new to cycling, eBIKES are for you! So why eBIKE? Because future mobility is electric and with eBIKE…
It is Faster and Easier: eBikes help you go wherever you need to go faster and with less effort than a regular bike. Depending on how you choose to ride, you can travel at an average speed of 20mph without significant effort.
Climbing is a breeze: Say goodbye to those sweaty, brutal climbs! You can now enjoy a bit of climbing with an extra nudge of power that saves your legs and keeps you fro sweating through your shirt!
It is Safer: this may seem somewhat counter-intuitive. Because you can go faster than on a regular bicycle, you can also get an easier start from the stopped position, which allows you to get through an intersection quicker and steadier.
You can ride together: Everyone rides at a different pace. eBikes help to even out the pace for you and your partner, your local riding group and your more advanced cycling friends. Being able to ride at the same pace makes it more fun to ride with friends and family.
You can ditch the car: ease, speed, and the convenience makes eBikes the ultimate alternative to an automobile.